We are digital-first.

Through KoinEra, we leverage our technologists, business builders and finance experts to offer targeted strategic advisory services which strikes at the core of any issue problem our partners may have.

We believe each project is individual and we tailor our solutions to provide comprehensive and relevant solutions that target the specific needs of our partners.

What We Offer

Strategic Advisory

We help our partners to establish their first building blocks and leverage this to rapidly scale. We craft creative solutions and new approaches to minimize the risks and maximize their potential to succeed.


A great brand is a necessity for any project. Our marketing specialists understand the mindset of digital asset investors. We understand the best way to reach this community and establish a trusting relationship.

Technological Guidance​

We provide the cutting-edge technology to empower our partners to ensure the security and independence of the product. We offer a full suite of technology services relating to digital assets.

Fundraising Assistance

We leverage our existing industry connections and VC heritage to connect our partners to the most respected investors. We also invest directly with our partners that creates incentives which are fully aligned.

Network of Human Resources

Through our extensive network in Asia and the west, we help our partners to build their teams from identifying the best candidates and advisors to supplement the team.

Legal and Tax Consulting

We provide a range of legal and tax consulting services for new businesses to navigate the dynamic regulatory environment, especially within the rapidly changing digital asset space.

Our Projects

BLOC Platform






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